• After uninstalling MyDiamo, DBMS (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona or PostgreSQL) service should be restarted
  • In Windows environment, installer only shows the Custom Directory (MySQL setup path) on step for choosing DB platform when installing DE-MYQ, since MySQL does not add its registry since MySQL 5.6
  • If users do not use -L option when generating key without Keymanager, the policy cannot be loaded when MySQL is rebooting for upgrading DE-MYQ/MyDiamo version. It may cause Encryption/Decryption Inquiry (since version)
    • Using -L option is recommended when generating key
    • If  user did not use -L option, Keymanager should be executed
  • In case of installation with -m option
    • SELinux and Apparmor are should be disabled before install
    • It is necessary to grant authorization to following paths (If MyDiamo is installed under default path, it will be granted automatically)
  • MySQL/MariaDB Enterprize are not available
  • MySQL/MariaDB Galera Cluster are not available
  • COALESCE PARTITION is not available
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