If I want to install MyDiamo in Master/Slave environment(setting), what is the right steps?


1. In case using the same keys (damo_site, damo_db, damo_console) in both Master and Slave.

2. Stop synchronization in Slave server.

Write "mysql> stop slave;"


3. Install MyDiamo in Slave server.

4. Install MyDiamo in Master server.

5. Set Master CLI Encryption policy.

6. During Setting for Master CLI, duplicate "*.damo" file and keys in Slave.

7. Add privilege for encryption and decryption in Slave CLI as Unknown_User.

8. In Slave Server, add user and IP from Master server as Unknown_User and Unknown_Host in Slave server.

Set PRIV ENC Unknown_User"<DB name>"<Table name>"<Column name>"<encrypiton privilege><decryption privilege>

9. When there is limited access for Slave CLI, give accessible authority as Unknown_Host.

SET PRIV ACCESS Unknown_Host"Unknown_User"<DB name>"<Table name>"<Column name>"<access authority> 

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